Spy Ops TSCM Home Or Office Sweep


Product Description

Our TSCM services are very detailed and designed to detect, locate and mitigate the risk and threat from technical eavesdropping devices. At Spy Ops we also identify security vulnerabilities and countermeasures and address any risks to mitigate future attacks.

Utilizing the highest grade of technology and expert technical operators. Spy Ops evaluates the project scope. Then we RF Map the project, identify risks, and mitigate the threats.

Technology and real world knowledge separates Spy Ops from others. By understanding the latest threats and utilizing the most current technologies to combat and mitigate that threat. Protecting you and ensuring you are not a target of illegal eavesdropping is our only business.

If you think your home or office has been compromised call and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members so we can further assist you in making your home or office safe again.



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