Sleuth Gear WiFi Wall Clock


Product Description

Our SG Home Wi-Fi solution is built into an ordinary wall clock. Just hang it on the wall, plug it in and let the camera do the work. Customize your surveillance system by choosing any of our SG Home hidden camera styles. These working small appliances blend into your home or office environment. Set up in minutes and view anytime on our SG Home app.

• Set-up is a breeze with our SG Home app

• Now you can view your recorded video right from the SG home app

• Reduce false alerts using PIR to detect the activity you really need to record

• Push notifications alert you of any activity right on your smart device

• All of our cameras have live remote viewing weather they are battery operated or electric

• Hidden SSID (the camera’s id) makes the camera undetectable on your network

• Includes a 32GB memory card giving you 32 hours of recorded video

• Never worry about someone viewing your cameras our SG Home APP has a Login screen for security


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