Spy Ops Notebook Wireless Hidden Camera


Product Description

Notebook WiFi DVR takes note while you can’t. Covert Office Surveillance that blends in with the office supplies.

Noteworthy Design, you don’t need a script to to capture what is going on in the office scene. Wireless Peer-to-Peer Network connects your camera to a paired smart device. You can record, live view and playback in close proximity to your camera. Select continuous or motion detection recordings on your hidden camera to fit your security needs.

DVR Features:

  • 1080P Resolution
  • WiFi based as a stand-alone DVR
    • Built-In WiFi Module
    • RSTP WiFi Protocol
  • Continuous or Motion Activated Recording
  • DVR
  • Video Recording: 150-210 mins
  • Audio Recording: 900 mins
  • Record, Live View & Playback on FREE PV Cam Viewer App
  • Compatible up to 32GB
  • Overwrites oldest file


  • Notebook DVR
  • Notebook Pages
  • USB Cable
  • Memory Card
  • User Manual

Insert memory card, plug it in for all day video or take it on-the-go for in-field operations. Connect device to the P2P WiFi network via FREE PV Cam Viewer App that gives full control for recording, live view & playback from close proximity. Memory card can be removed and downloaded any computer.


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