LawMate Surveillance Kit


Product Description

Surveillance never looked so sleek. Hidden camera technology built into your everyday items. The tactical case makes it easy to quickly deploy in the field. But if you just need a piece of tech, all of these DVRs are small, portable and battery operated to grab-n-go.

With this blendable hidden camera technology into everyday items this surveillance kit can change the game when it comes to collecting evidence. Mission ready, this case makes it easy to keep track and transport your surveillance devices regardless of the job.


  • DVR202HD: 1080P Keyfob HD Camera & DVR
  • DVR277IR: 1080P Night Vision Car Charger
  • DVR295: 720P Covert Surveillance Glasses
  • DVR273W: 1080P P2P iPhone 6/7 Battery Case
  • DVR268WF: 1080P WiFi Universal Adaptor
  • PV-500ECO2: Touchscreen Analog DVR+ Button Camera

Collect and review. This kit comes with all the tools of the trade plus a portable DVR to review your footage. What is great about these LawMate cameras, is they will never look out of place, you’ll be able to move seamlessly in your environments. Set up surveillance ahead of time, deploy it quickly on-the-go or leave behind, whatever the op is this surveillance kit can aid your investigation.


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