Spy Ops GPS Vehicle Sweep


Product Description

A GPS Tracking device is commonly used for tracking and navigating the whereabouts of assets. It is all too commonly used to spy on people without their consent.

We get many calls each day from folks who feel they are being followed wherever they go, and without their knowledge.

If you have the suspicions that you are constantly under surveillance and being followed, trust your instincts.
You may be followed for many reasons…….
  • Jealous Spouse
  • Stalker
  • Employer
  • Insurance Investigator
  • Private Investigator
  • or many other reasons that are alarming and securing your vehicle is easier than you think.

GPS Trackers are usually very small, easy to conceal and can be hidden just about anywhere on a target’s vehicle or property. GPS Tracking devices come in different sizes and budgets. A concealed GPS is usually Battery Powered, so whomever has placed a tracker on your vehicle, needs to have access to remove and recharge.

At Spy Ops our trained professionals use real world knowledge along with cutting edge technology to thoroughly sweep your vehicle. If you suspect there is a GPS tracker, camera or voice recorder planted in your car call us and set up an appointment to get your vehicle swept today.


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