iProtect deScammer™ Credit Card Skimmer Detector – DD1100


Product Description

deScammer the One Touch Credit Card Skimmer detection device. Helps to find credit card skimmers at Gas Stations, ATM or point of purchase.

Fight Back with One Touch Credit Skimmer Detection from deScammer™

46% of Americans have been victim of credit card fraud in the past 5 years. With the growing concern of credit card fraud the deScammer is an easy tool to protect people from credit card skimmer. This easy to use device is simple and reliable.

How Does the DeScammer Work?

Credit card skimmers use bluetooth technology to swipe your card’s information and send it to a thief waiting nearby. In just a few hours the thief can swipe hundreds of credit card data. The deScammer works by detecting a bluetooth network near a credit card point of sale and alerting you with a red light. Simply aim the deScammer fob at the place where you insert your card, press the button and wait  for a solid red light warning or a green light, indicating you’re safe to swipe.


  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Simple to use just press the button and wait for the solid red or green light
  • Battery last up to 2 hours of continuous use which equates to months of actual use
  • Picks up known illicit Bluetooth transmissions


 Disclaimer the deScammer is designed as an aid to help find credit card skimmers. It is picking up Bluetooth transmission, some credit card skimmers do not use Bluetooth.  It is the user responsibility to ensure proper use and be aware of the limit of this device. Spy Ops, deScammer and all agents are not responsible if credit card fraud occurs after use of the deScammer device.


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