Sleuth Gear Body Temperature Scanner Camera


Product Description

This body temperature scanner camera will scan for above-normal temperatures in 1-2 seconds even when a person is wearing a mask. Each scan is saved in the cameras’ software and the software can be integrated with a firm’s network. By saving scans of each person, businesses can stay on top of worrisome symptoms among their employees and customers. Tracking scans can also contribute to contact tracing.

  • Check all of your employees’ body temperatures on arrival using facial recognition
  • Keep records of the body temperature scans
  • High precision infrared temperature detector
  • Network to your existing access control system
  • Can scan one person every 1-2 seconds
  • Camera can stand-alone, no network needed
  • Check all your customer’s temperatures
  • Supports HTTP Protocols
  • When mask is required, the camera automatically prompts you to put a mask on
  • Build your employee data base or auto-register

Perfect for nursing homes, schools, factories, warehouses, access gates, office buildings, hair salons, hospitals – any workplace or public area considering removing restrictions.

Get back to work safely.  Give your customers or employees peace of mind with the touch less temperature check camera.


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