This Glade air freshener doubles as a hidden camera in your home.

Our hidden cameras can be used in a variety of settings, both indoors and outdoors. From nanny cams to mantel clocks, smoke detectors, and air fresheners … we have a hidden camera solution that nobody would suspect in your home or office environment. And, if that is not enough, SpyOps will custom build a hidden camera for you, using an item directly from your home or office.

Every project we are hired to complete has its unique specifications and design requirements. So, when we build a product, a member of our team will meet with you and discuss your idea to gather as much information from you so that we may strive to exceed your expectations. Our Custom Hidden Camera Solutions ranges from Stationary Surveillance to Surveillance Vehicle Construction to capture the video you need.

So whether it is a stone, twig, truck, bicycle, drone, or even a tire in an alley – Spy Ops has you covered. We are the leading Hidden Camera Specialists in Michigan and have been in the Surveillance Solutions business for over 25 years solving issues and challenges for our clients and colleagues. In fact, our team provides both Surveillance Investigation Consulting and Surveillance Investigation Video Monitoring across the United States.